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News from dicoSyn 2012

The first scientific Dicode workshop, namely "dicoSyn 2012: Mastering Data-Intensive Collaboration through the Synergy of Human and Machine Reasoning" ( took place in Seattle, in the context of CSCW 2012 (Feb 12, 2012). Eight papers were presented, thus bringing together researchers and practitioners from different scientific fields and research communities to further explore the synergy between human and machine intelligence.

A very productive session, held at the end of the workshop, concerned discussion on cross cutting themes; this resulted to the collaborative production and elaboration of very useful insights for future work on the workshop’s research issues.

The proceedings of the dicoSyn 2012 workshop are in preparation. Plans for producing a special issue at an international journal – with extended versions of the dicoSyn 2012 papers - are also in progress.