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DICODE Code collaboration - first steps

As a few first steps towards a working workflow we have setup several standard collaboration tools for software development.

Documentation is to be collected in our project wiki at You'll find details on progress, related links, module documentation and brainstorming pages in there for each work package.

Planning works through a JIRA/Greenhopper combination. See for an example.

KickOff presentations

During the KickOff we had several interesting presentations on not only the DICODE project overview but also specific use cases and work packages. Those will be published in the following list. The first slide deck of the Project overview gives an introduction to DICODE and the general tasks to accomplish. The following presentations go into more detail explaining the various use cases:

Having Lunch

Getting the word out

During the presentation on how to exploit and publish news on the project Isabel had quite a huge focus on how to interact with the open source community. It is very obvious to go there not only with complaints, but with the intention and time to fix problems. The idea is to get in touch on the mailing lists, on various conferences and by inviting people to not only use our system but contribute back and build their own services on top of it.

Workshop Images

KickOff Workshop taking place today

Today the KickOff workshop is taking place at Neofonie GmbH in Berlin. We have about 18 people here from the various research partners: People from the UK, Spain, Greece and of couse the partners from Germany meet to get everyone up to date with the research project's goals and deliverables.

Nikos first gave an overview of the project itself, emphasizing the not only the goal of producing high quality research and software but also working on the integration of developers outside the project to get early feedback and validate the theoretical results.

Example Use Cases

The achievement of the project's objectives will be validated through three use cases. These have been carefully selected to:

  • Address clearly established problems, widely recognised in industry and academia;
  • Cover the full range of features and functionalities of the project, while representing alternative collaboration and decision making paradigms (that may be found in various sectors and domains), and dealing with various types of large scale and real time data residing in heterogeneous sources.

A short description of each use case is given below.

Launched DICODE site

As of today the DICODE project features its own webpage. Feel free to follow our RSS feed to get updated on new research results, publications and articles.

Follow us online

The idea of DICODE is to facilitate easier collaboration, communication and information management. To make progress and ideas in the project transparent to you we have created a Twitter User you can follow to be notified on updates. It is also possible to connect with us on Facebook or to join our Facebook group.

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